Welcome to my portfolio website for Photography 1300.

My name is Sarah Abdi. I am student at Durham College in the School of Media, Art, and Design. I am currently completing my first year and first semester in the Contemporary Web Design program. In my second year, I plan to specialize in the web design stream of study.

This portfolio features my photography work over the semester. One thing I learnt that I didn't know was the essential, technical trio of photography and how to use them. I really enjoyed taking photos and learning new things every day in this class! I did not know how to take photos with a DSLR. Every type of photo that you can see in the tabs above were completely new to me.

I picked the serif font because I feel it fits my fun personality. However, I have a sober side so the sans serif font looks professional and interesting. Blue is my favorite colour; beyond that, blue represents my patience, quiet, dependable, true, and open personality traits. The dusty pink colour is also a favorite of mine. Interestingly enough, I am gentle, subtle, and composed, just as the colour is.

The dark yellow-brown and grays also help to keep the topic at hand sober. Grays give the feeling of accountability and conscientiousness which I am. For the most part I am deliberate, reserved, and modest as well. The taupe is a classic and neutral colour. All of these colours work together as a whole because they are soft, gentle, and professional looking.

Thanks for visiting my portfolio website!

Portrait of Sarah Abdi